Friday Flowers {imbue weddings bouquet}

Although I have an undying passion for floral pretties, I can’t produce a floral arrangement to save myself! My flower styling skills are limited to buying one bunch of the same bloom and plonking them into a mason jar, but I live in hope that one day I will do a floristry course and my hidden talent will magically appear! In the meantime my interest for flowers is limited to ooing and ahhing over other people’s lovely work and I plan to share my favourites with you every Friday (hence Friday Flowers!)

The first Friday Flowers feature is from Imbue Weddings (very fitting as they are usually the floral arrangements I am oohing and ahhing over!). Kristy from Imbue always manages to produce such stunning work in both bride & bridesmaids posies as well as table arrangements that are just the icing on the cake for a wedding. Do check out her work and I promise you’ll be in love with it!


Image by ngg studios



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