{a darling gift} out of town wedding guest packs

If you’ve ever needed to travel a long (or even a short!) distance to attend a wedding you’ll know how delightful it is to find a little bag of goodies in your hotel room – they are one of the really thoughtful little details you can include in your guest’s ‘wedding experience’, and you guests will love you for it!


Your out of town guest bags can include goodies like bottled water, fresh fruit, mini champagne bottles, gourmet teas, handmade chocolates and mini jars of honey or jam. Including locally made items or produce that is famous in that particular city or area is extra thoughtful, and popping in some homebaked goods like banana bread, muffins or tarts are a gorgeous personal touch.

And, of course, how you package and present your carefully selected goodies is extremely important! Small picnic or wicker baskets are perfect for a couple’s gift pack, and mini berry baskets work well for individual gift packs. Kraft paper bags and boxes are also great as they can be prettied up with a cheerful grosgrain ribbon and patterned waxed paper. A personalised handwritten notecard with a few words of welcome to your guests is the finishing touch, and will leave them wondering what other delights await them at your wedding!

Katy x x